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Blackwood Management


Comprehensive, professional pro-shop services designed to save time and money.

Blackwood Management’s pro-shop services are customized to ensure operations run smoothly, client expectations are met and the highest level of service is provided to our customers.  Whether your club requires on-site staffing or virtual services, Blackwood Management has the infrastructure, technology and management to meet your needs.

Running a tennis club requires full-time staff and personnel trained to handle specific aspects of a facility’s operations. But, especially when it comes to operating an on-site Pro Shop, it’s how every member is greeted and the heartbeat of the interaction and engagement with them and their club.

Many clubs have a high turnover rate of pro shop staff and must eat overhead costs they shouldn’t. With Blackwood Management’s custom-tailored Pro Shop Services, we ensure all client’s operations run smoothly, their customers are satisfied, and that point of contact and engagement maintains the highest level of excellence.

 We can customize the pro shop operation to fit the need of any type of facility. So whether your club needs on-site staff or virtual pro shop services, Blackwood Management has the infrastructure, technology, and experience.

Our Pro Shop Services include:

Provide and manage an online reservation system for multiple sports (tennis, pickleball, and bocce)

Member discount on our online retail pro shop, where we sell everything from shoes to playing equipment, men's and ladies' apparel

Access to custom logo team apparel

Racquet stringing

Game matching

Event marketing

Organized equipment Demo Days

And more!

Save money on stock inventory and staff operations with Blackwood Management’s turn-key pro shop services today!