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Facility Support Services

Stay in the game with Blackwood Management’s full service operations management solutions.


Keeping your courts properly serviced and maintained requires specialized training and expertise.  Many clubs struggle with maintaining staff qualified to effectively and correctly maintain clay courts.  This typically leads to improper care and a need to bring outside vendors to repair work not completed correctly.

Strategic solutions that help our clients save money.

Blackwood Management provides custom-tailored, strategic solutions that ensure every client’s success. We have professionally trained clay-court experts to save you money on unnecessary repairs and inadequately prepared staff. We believe in helping every client save on staffing and payroll costs to reinvest their money back into the facility.

 We offer comprehensive, turn-key solutions built to equip every client with customer-centric services that drive revenue and membership upward. Our unparalleled commitment to excellence and dedication set Blackwood Management apart from our competitors.

A partnership with Blackwood Management is an investment in the future of your facility and the ultimate satisfaction of your clientele.

 Our turn-key operations management services include:

 – Customizable weekly clay court grooming schedule

Monthly and annual clay court maintenance tasks

Discount on clay court resurfacing


Services Custom-tailored to your facility.

 Blackwood Management has highly experienced and expertly trained facilities management specialists that understand what it takes to keep your facility running smoothly. We bring unwavering attention to detail and commitment to excellence to each client’s clay court maintenance with services that include:

Rolling lines

Adding new clay

Deadpan / algae removal

Reattaching windscreens

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